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Press Feeding Compact 1300

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Automatic hydraulic compact systems are working with the weight between 6.000 kg - 10.000 kg, with width of 600 - 1300 mm and thickness of 0.5 - 4 mm according to the coil width. These systems can reach a speed of 60 m/min as per customer requirement.


The Compact Systems have been developed by AGMline engineers in order to provide tailor made solutions for focusing on the special requirements. These systems are produced in 3 main groups, which are use different roller diameters and roller quantities, according to the steel thickness and coil width.

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With the help of using the low exchange ratio gearbox and shaft systems, rolling system is moved from one side thus provides maximum feeding accuracy.

AGMline With our compact systems which equipped with Electronic-automation system, the set duration will be shorter, high efficiency will be provided and the production quality will be increased. By these systems, the cost of a produced unit will be fallen down significantly.

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Our compact machine groups enable a wide range of material usage. These; hot or cold rolled materials, carbon or stainless steel, high strength materials, aluminum alloys, soft materials.

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Progressive mold plotting, in-mold transfer, mold adjuster hand control song, mold protection and mold lubrication systems.


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Press Feeding Compact