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Press Feeding Compact 1600

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CLP 1600 Series Compact Feeding System

1600 Series Compact Lines have working capacities of coil width starting from 600 mm up to 1600 mm, sheet thickness from 2 mm up to 10 mm and coil weight from 6000 kg up to 15000 kg.

SACFORM AGMline Compact Feeding System can process variety of materials such as aluminum and alloys, hot and cold rolled materials, stainless steel and other high strength materials as well as lamination (slicate) steel.

Compact Drive General Features:

  • Hydraulic Roll Internal Diameter Spinning Drum
  • Hydraulic Loading Car Roller Loading Car
  • Automatic Roll Sheet Center Adjustment System
  • Chain Clutch Drive and Brake Motor
  • Brake Disc Brake
  • Conical Type, Helical Gear, Low Gap Opener Reducer
  • Hydraulic Printing Arm
  • Laser Sensor Controlled
  • Hydraulic System Waist Break
  • Mold Pilot System
  • Sheet Input and Output Routing Guides
  • 21NiCrMo5 Semi-finished Steel Production, Gas Cemented, Hardened Gear Group
  • Hand-held song for adjusting the position within the mold
  • Conical Type, Helical Gear, Conical Squeezable Belt, Low Gear Driver Reducer
  • 7 "LCD Touch Panel
  • Motor Mold Level Adjustment System

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